About the Event 

What exactly is a Haldi Ceremony?

  • The Haldi ceremony signifies the beginning of the Hindu wedding rituals. The ceremony is held in the morning before the wedding day at the bride and groom’s residence. The Haldi paste is believed to ward off evil spirits and provide powerful healing properties. Since it is one of the most important pre-wedding rituals it is celebrated as a grand function. We are blessed to have a ritual that enables us to bring in touch with our ancient roots. Haldi is a full-on relaxing ritual where the bride or the groom are pampered and beautified and also blessed by their elders for a happy married life. It is the most jovial ceremony that evokes maximum giggles and promises insane fun as it is celebrated widely with a lot of music, dance, and good food. 


What is in the Haldi Paste?

  • Haldi paste is made using turmeric powder, oil, gram flour, barley flour, sandalwood powder and water. Other ingredients added to this paste may also be milk, and rose water. 



What to wear?

  • Yellow is the most preferred color for the Haldi function. The bride wears lehenga or drapes a saree in beautiful hues of yellow. She prefers minimal jewelry or ornaments made from petals and flowers. Yellow color outfits are preferred because the stain of Haldi remains even after several washes. So, it is better to choose yellow for the clothes and keep jewelry to the minimum. Even the family, friends, and relatives of the bride and groom choose different shades of yellow for the outfits.



Skin Beautification

  • This unique property in Haldi prevents the formation of acne and pimples on the skin, avoiding the bride and groom’s face from blemishes. It also makes a face look more glowy. It brings out the radiance and makes it shine because it works as an excellent exfoliating agent helps in getting rid of dead skin cells. When the paste is rinsed off, it removes the dead cells and makes the skin detoxified. It also assures that the bride and groom are protected from cuts, wounds, bruises, and other injuries. So Haldi is a ceremony equally awaited for the ones going to be married as well the ones getting the chance to apply Haldi on them. It is considered to be a beauty ingredient that keeps the skin clear and makes it glow.



An Auspicious Color

  • The yellow color itself is auspicious according to Hindu traditions. It is thought to bring prosperity to the married life of the couple. So the place where the groom and bride sit for Haldi is always decorated in yellow flowers.



Relaxes the Mind

  • Surprisingly, the characteristics of Haldi are such that it also removes the feelings of nervousness and pre-wedding anxiousness and stress from the minds of the groom and bride. This happens because Haldi or turmeric contains curcumin, which is a mild anti-depressant and a natural remedy for headaches as well. Haldi also has the potential to cure upset stomachs of jitters and boost immunity.

It keeps Evil Away

  • It is also superstitiously known to ward off evil. It is for this reason that the bride and groom are not allowed to go outside after Haldi, for fear of evil omen. In some traditions, the sacred red thread is tied on their hand or given small amulets to protect against the evil eye. Besides the benefits of Haldi, the bride and groom also receive blessings from the family and relatives who apply Haldi to them. This is valuable for the bride and the groom for a happy and prosperous married life.


Fun Ritual

  • It is believed that attending the Haldi ceremony and getting some of that magical Haldi paste applied to yourself by the bride or the groom could help you find a partner. And you get married soon! So it is a win-win situation for the couple as well as their friends or unmarried siblings or cousins. 


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